The Truth Isn't Sexy

The Truth Isn't Sexy was a campaign designed to address the demand side of human trafficking.

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy - Skooterworks

    Si Johnston and I met up at Skooterworks in 2004, as we talked about contemporary missions, he started telling me about the reality and scope of human trafficking in the UK.... I was blown away and knew we had to do something!

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy -

    In October of '04, we hosted a mini conference to get the lay of the land in terms of what was going on with human trafficking. áIt became clear that the gap was demand. áHuman Trafficking grows because demand is escalating.

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy - Rob, myself and Aimie

    We invited people to be part of a creative team andáset about designing a beer mat (coaster) campaign. áAimie Littlier became the director for the campaign and really drove us to monumental success, from a parliamentary launch and the airwaves of Radio 4, to the pubs across london and the UK.

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy - The visuals

    The design of the beer mats was grounded in the cultural context of the UK. Creatively inspired by the calling cards prostitutes post in phone booths across europe. áThere is a provocative imageáon the front to grab ones attention and then when you turn it over you are faced with the reality of human trafficking.

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy

    TTIS aimed to link in people's minds that by putting money into the sex industry, a 'demand culture' is created which human traffickers are very happy to supply. áTraffickers will only go where there is money to be made. áWhen women have been forced, manipulated or coerced into the sex industry, THE TRUTH ISN'T SEXY.

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy - The Parliamentary launch

    The night before our parliamentary launch, BRMC decided they wanted to do a benefit gig, so The Bloomsbury ballroom was where the campaign made its public debut. á Our parliamentary launch was supported by members of each political party as well as members from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy - The pubcrawls

    After the parliamentary launch we realized we were going to have to come up with a distribution strategy that required zero funding: áthe PUB CRAWLS were launched. á We distributed beer mats to hundreds of pubs across the nation, and had hundreds of people get passionate about stopping human trafficking!

  • The Truth Isn't Sexy - New Internationalist Award

    Aside from winning awards from Creative Review and the New Internationalist, the UK government did a u-turn in their stance on demand. áIn the autumn ofá'08 the gov't report said "Girls that are trafficked don't have a choice men do" áThey are now planning new initiatives to address demand.

Traffickers prey on the vulnerability of others: women, children, the poor, the orphaned, the weak, the na´ve, the desperate, and the defenseless. Each year millions of people worldwide are trafficked, either lured by lies or blatantly forced against their will, often crossing international borders. It is, in essence, modern-day slavery. á(The annual US revenue is projected at 9.5 Billion Dollars a year and growing)

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