Sweet Notions

Sweet Notions is a social enterprise that collects accessories (repurposes them if necessary) and then sells them at boutique events around the world.  100% of the profit is used as seed money for new social justice and human rights projects.

  • Sweet Notions - Gastranomica, Wapping

    In February of 2008 Jessica Stricker and I were sitting over coffee at Gastranomica Wapping.  Frustrated with traditional fundraising and inspired by Social Enterprise initiatives,  we asked "Why don't we start a social enterprise."

  • Sweet Notions

    Over coffee we talked about the multiple types of capital involved in social enterprises:  environmental, economic, social and spiritual.  It was easiest to think about the environmental capital and doing something that involved recycling.

  • Sweet Notions - Jessica and myself

    Jessica and I both have experience in the world of retail and fashion.  So, we started with something we knew - ACCESSORIES.  We set ourselves a goal of collecting 10,000 accessories.

  • Sweet Notions

    Armed with precious jewels, fabulous shoes and bags full of stories, we started Sweet Notions with a series of boutique events across Texas in spring 2008.

  • Sweet Notions - Boutique Event

    We challenged those attending to name their own price when purchasing, based on what they felt the true value was rather than on assumed values or prices linked to market rates.
    We realized fairly quickly that although we didn’t completely know what we were doing, we knew we were on to something.

  • Sweet Notions

    100% of the profit creates seed money for new work around the world.  We are committed to measuring its success on a quadrupal bottom line... how it is creating economic, environmental, social and spiritual capital.

  • Sweet Notions

    We are challenging and reconsidering EVERYTHING.. including our display fixtures, like the airline trolleys that we are re-purposing!

  • Sweet Notions

    And everyone that connects to Sweet Notions, whether collecting accessories, hosting events or struggling with what price to put on a piece, all of this provides the opportunity to have a lived theology.

  • Sweet Notions - New Internationalist Award

    Join us Today!  You can be part of growing sweet notions by collecting accessories for us from your friends and family or by booking a boutique event.

I don't want to just generate income to enable mission work.  Instead, I want the way we carry out Sweet Notions to be fully integrated with the Kingdom as a missional act, living out the Gospel through the social enterprise itself.

I believe that Social Enterprise is one of the best vehicles to live out the mission of God and to see lives and communities transformed.  For me, Sweet Notions, is allowing me to explore and test Social Enterprise 

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