Social Justice

The Truth Isnt SexyMost individuals wish to live in a just society, but sometimes we are so unaware of the issues of injustice all around us. We continue to support systems that keep the marginalized and the poor pushed down and aside.

When I really started asking questions about what missions should look like today, it became clear to me that it should look like Justice. I don't believe that people want to just serve in soup kitchens week after week, they want to work to see that the people that are at the soup kitchen today won't be there a year from now. They want to see systems changed, peoples lives changed, society transformed. I believe the church should be at the center of seeing transformation and when we lead and start doing things in new ways I believe we will reach people that have given up on the church. That is how I got involved in exploring Social Justice issues and how they can transform missions and create communities and movements.