Proost is a multimedia company that provides resources to fuel faith.  All of the content is downloadable, available for use by individuals or communities.  The content is comprised of movies, music and pocket liturgies, and you can purchase individual pieces or you can buy a subscription for £60 for the year (£5 a month)!

  • Proost - Jonny Baker

    Jonny and I met up, at Skooterworks. He wanted to know what I thought about Proost.  At the time, it looked like an extended hobby - and thats what I said.

  • Proost - Labyrinth at St. Mary's Church Ealing, London April 2004 Photo © Steve Collins

    While Proost was producing some great resources, it needed an overhaul.  I think there is a great need for what they are doing so when Jonny asked if I would help rethink and relaunch proost I was happy to be involved.

    Photo: Labyrinth at St. Mary's Church Ealing, London April 2004 Photo © Steve Collins

  • Proost - Jonny Baker & Jon Birch

    So Jonny and I went to Bath to see Jon and I worked with them on redeveloping the system and relaunching.  Focusing on developing the network of artists and making the content more accessible.

  • Proost - Greenbelt

    In August of '07 Proost Relaunched at Greenbelt and it looks fantastic.  In addition to the main content we also run the Unusual Suspects, encouraging young artists and mentoring them to get their stuff produced.

I have been involved in proost b/c it used my skill of creating the strategy for the relaunch and involved working with guys that are committed to creating quality resources.  And it provided a platform to encourage creativity and support people that are having a go at making new materials.  We need better and more accessible content for use in a missional context ... Proost meets that need!

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