THE NETWORK OF ENTREPRENEURIAL TALENT is a network of Social Entrepreneurs. Started in part with both CMS and MLS Business Centres we believe that by bringing Social Entrepreneurs together we will create "best practice" in the sector while at the same time encouraging & supporting people working in this arena.

  • NET - Scotterworks

    Another day, another coffee.
    Jonny Baker, Bill Bolton and I met up at scootworks to talk about Bill's work on multiple types of capital and what he had learned while starting & running the innovation school at Cambridge

  • NET - blah

    We decided to host a Blah day.  A workshop for emerging church leaders and social entrepreneurs looking at the multiple types of capital.  Challenging people if they were focused on creating one type (ie. spiritual or economic) they would seek to create others (social, environmental etc).

  • NET - HMS President

    We hosted the Blah day on the HMS President, with about 100 people there and split into 4 phases:
    1. people that had started social enterprises
    2. people that had an idea for a S.E. but needed some support
    3. Entrepreneurial Enablers
    4. people that wanted to do something but not sure what.

  • NET - Monday Nights

    With interest from those that attended the BLAH day, Steve Baker, a partner at MLS Business centres that owns the ship, Sam Hardwick, who runs ethos, the charity arm of MLS and I got together to launch a network.  NET - the Network of entrepreneurial talent.  We meet the last monday of every month.

Part of the purpose of net is to create  an environment whereby social entrepreneurs are encouraged & learning is shared we believe that by creating this kind of environment more initiatives with start and succeed and fewer will fail.