Doxology was an exhibition that challenged assumptions about Jesus and created a dialog about spirituality in a modern context.

  • Doxology - Rob Pepper

    I met Rob in the summer of 2004, while volunteering at Soul in the City. He rescued me from scraping paint off of fencing in solitude. In turn we had the most amazing conversations about meaning, purpose, faith etc, while working on the playground.

  • Doxology - Tate Modern

    Rob invited me to join him for a drink and to see his studio the next week. When I got to his studio, I realized he was a “proper artist” Over a drink at the Tate, we talked about doing something together.

  • Doxology - the Jesus Narrative

    Doxology was the project we did. Rob re-drew the Jesus Narrative, from the Birth of Christ to Pentacost. The body of work encouraged the team and viewers of the work to challenge their assumptions about the narrative.

  • Doxology

    For the work itself, Rob went into churches, and would draw using conscious reflex drawing method, drawing without making eye contact. Afterwards through he would go back and add a gold leaf, highlighting a part of the image.

  • Doxology

    Part of the purpose of Doxology was to create a dialog and make a place for ones questions. We also had people, from many faith perspectives, contribute written responses to the drawings

  • Doxology - the team

    While the main team for Doxology was Rob, Aimie and myself, there was a much larger team. We kept asking, what we were doing. Why and how others could engage with it.
    The team grew to include Mark and Denis, from Germany. They found out about the project after rescuing the Jones and I when we broke down en route to Prague.

  • Doxology - Exhibition in Houston, Texas

    Rob & I flew to Texas in Sept of 05, where I spent a month talking about why I was involved in the project, Rob spent a month turning the drawings into paintings. (Working in a space with no airconditioning!). The rest of the team came over a couple of weeks later and we launched the exhibition in Houston in October of 05.

  • Doxology - signed prints available for sale

    The body of work consists of 15 6 foot by 4 foot paintings and signed prints of each image are available. We are looking to sale the body of paintings and prints are available for purchase as well.

For me, Doxology allowed me to explore things in the art world, to look at the place of art in our culture. It also showed me the way art serves as one of the best vehicles for encouraging people to think deeper.

Doxology was also about the friendship and journey with Rob and Aimie, which influenced my life in more ways than I can say.

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